Until I sat down to write about the benefits of chocolate for hair and skin, I did not know that UK chocolatiers refer to the end of April as the impending end of the "chocolate season’. 

The season begins just before Halloween, takes in Christmas, moves on to Valentine's and Mother's days and ends just after Easter. 

Being as we have lived through the strangest year ever; it may not surprise you that the chocolate season has lasted much longer! In the last 12 months, Chocolate sales soared in the UK, as we turned to comfort eating at home during the lockdown.

I am sure, that once restrictions start to lift, we will happily leave our half nibbled chocolate bars on the sofa and find comfort once again from being close to loved ones and enjoying the things we loved most to do.

While we wait, we must settle for celebrating Mother’s Day and Easter under lockdown, and assuming that you are gearing up for the chocolate fest, what will you be going for? Will it be something that reminds you of your youth, or something a bit out of the ordinary?

I must admit, I have a weakness for anything that involves chocolate - I think the most unusual chocolate dish I have ever tried was Chocolate Chicken while visiting family out in Canada. It was quite tasty too!

Make Your Own Chocolate

It may not come as a surprise that at Nudge, I use cocoa butter and cocoa powder in my formulations.

It is one of the yummiest sides of my job and has inspired me start making my own chocolate (see photo on left).

1 .Dark Chocolate contains Vitamins A, B1, C, D and E. The high flavonoid content can help protect against sun damage and increase skin density and hydration. If you are interested in having a go at making your own, follow this link to Midlife Cook.

Chocolate Uses in Cosmetics

Cocoa Powder

2. Cocoa butter is a pale-yellow, edible fat extracted from the cocoa bean and used to make chocolate. It has a remarkably high number of fatty acids, which is why it is such a common ingredient is skincare. It creates a protective barrier over the skin, holding in moisture and preventing it from drying

3. Cocoa butter is also a natural anti-inflammatory and is very gentle on dry and irritated skin. 

It is for these reasons I use Organic Cocoa butter in my Whipped Body butters. Being a hard butter, it also helps prevent our butters melting too easily in the summer

Cocoa butter is great for your hair

4. The same benefits can be said for

your hair. Cocoa butter is suitable for all hair types and will help moisturise your strands, making them feel softer and easier to manage.

5. Grey strands lack moisture, and is more prone to hair loss and thinning; so cocoa butter can help prevent hair loss due to breakage, and strengthen the hair shaft. 

Cocoa Powder

6. Cocoa powder is filled with essential vitamins and minerals that nourish the hair and scalp. These include magnesium and zinc, which help to fight hair loss, and calcium, which promotes healthy hair growth.

7. Cocoa powder also contains proteins and antioxidants, which helps the scalp to grow longer, stronger and healthier hair. 

I use organic Cocoa powder in my Nudge shampoo tabs. As they are sulphate free (remember sulphates tend to strip the hair of all its natural moisture) I did not need to add as much fatty acids to my formulation to condition the hair.  

Organic Cocoa Powder has the same high amounts of anti-antioxidants, and keeps the hair nourished and glossy.

Natural vs Synthetic Chocolate Aromas

8. Synthetic fragrances are man-made in a laboratory, often from petrochemicals to duplicate the smell of chocolate. They are cheaper to use, and much less fragrance is required to create a scent. Plus they don't contain any active benefits.

By using nature's ingredients you reap all the powerful soothing and nourishing skin and hair benefits, which the whole familiy can enjoy.

It is a wonderful Natural Colourant

It is also has a natural way of adding colour to cosmetics without relying on the controversial use of Mica. relying on the controversial use of Mica.

Until  the policies that address child labour in the mining of mica enforced, we will not use Mica in our products.

Our Chocolate Orange handcrafted soap is coloured with cocoa powder.

If you love all natural, and fancy a chocolate treat with a difference, do look for the products that feature organic cocoa butter and organic cocoa powder in our ranges.

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