If you enjoy using Nudge Whipped Body Butters, you may be wondering can I use it on my face too? It’s a great question, one I get asked quite a lot, and I totally understand why you would ask.

After all, you love our butters, so why waste money on two or more products if one can do the job? It will not only save a few pennies, it will also de-clutter your bathroom and save the planet from more empty bottles destined for waste fill.

A product that can be used like this is sometimes known as a ‘multi-tasker’, and they are becoming very popular as we make more efforts to cut down on wastage.

Some multi tasking products are designed for all over use, like a hair and body wash, while others streamline you skincare routines by doing several different tasks for a particular area of the skin. 

At Nudge, I have two such products; Saffron Petal Glow (3-in-1 Facial Cleanser/Polish/Mask) and Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Facial Cleansing Bar (cleanser and make-up remover).

While it may be tempting to use any product as a multi tasker, it’s important to follow the product label guidance, and here is why.

Facial Skin Vs Body Skin

The skin on the face is very different from the skin on your body. First, it is thinner and more sensitive, and as a result, more prone to irritation and inflammation.

Secondly, it is more exposed to sunlight and more susceptible to the damaging effects of UV rays. This includes: thinning skin, a compromised skin barrier, sun spots, dryness and irritation.

Thirdly, facial skin is more sensitive to hormonal changes in the body and has the highest number of sebaceous glands per square inch. If these glands produce too much sebum it will cause oily skin and acne. If glands produce too little sebum, your skin will become dry and sensitive.

Any Product Will Not Do

The UK and EU have the most stringent cosmetic rules in the world, and as a Skincare Formulator, I am guided and ruled by UK Cosmetic Regulations.

Every cosmetic ingredient is given a maximum usage percentage for the eye area, lips, face, hands, feet and body. These percentages will differ for a leave on face product, wash off facial product, leave on body product, wash off body product (and the list goes on). These usage rates guide my recipes. 

Once  I am happy with my formulation, it undergoes my own in house stability testing and skin tests.

It passes these checks, and when I am happy with my final product, I will submit the formulation to a Cosmetic Safety Assessor whose job is to test the safety of my recipe and finished product. 

Once it has been approved, I am awarded a Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment, which is my legal paper to say my product is safe to bring to market.

So, why do so many people complain about products causing skin sensitivity?

Well, that is because every one’s skin is unique, and while the vast majority will get on with a product, there will also be a few that don’t get on with it. Either they have a sensitivity to an ingredient or a combination of them.

So, this brings me to another important point about the suitability of body butters for the face.

Fragrance and essential oils are some of the most common irritants in skincare products, so due to the delicacy of facial skin, permitted usage limits are much smaller for a facial product than for a body one (which explains why your face products never smell as strong as your body products). 

So for this, and all the other reasons already stated, your body butter is not suitable for your face, unless the label states otherwise.

NB: I love DIY skincare, it is how I got into the business of formulating. If you enjoy making your own products, please be careful. Some of the suggested ingredients and percentages floating around on the internet do not factor in, or necessarily know, cosmetic ingredient usage rates, and that can make them potentially harmful to your skin.

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