Can You Become Immune to Your Skincare Product?

What could be the reason your skincare routine isn't working as effectively for your skin anymore?

Has the formula been changed, or is that your can your skin has become immune to your products and stopped working?

It's a good question, and one I have heard fairly regularly throughout the years.

The short answer is no, your skin does not contain any mechanisms for it to become directly immune to a product. So, lets have a look at what could be causing your product to be appear less effective than it once was.

7 Reasons Why Your Product May Stop Working

1. Medical

Medication can bring unexpected changes to the skin. This can be anything from excessive dryness to sensitivity. Skin changes can even occur even if you are not on any medication, but experiencing a bout of poor health. 

2. Seasonal Changes

While our products may not change, our skin does. During autumn and winter, we may need extra hydration and moisturisation compared to the Spring and Summer months.

3. Lack of Exfoliation

During the colder months when our skin is drier, it is hard for our skincare products to navigate through dead skin cells, so we may need to exfoliate more regularly. This will allow new skin cells to breathe and absorb our skincare products more effectively.

4. Storage Conditions

Poor storage can cause a product to lose efficacy. This is especially true for natural skincare products that have a shorter shelf life. For example, exposure to sunlight can destroy vital antioxidants, affect colour and alter performance. Always ensure you follow the storage conditions and use your products by the BBE.

5. Your Skin Has Improved

Yay! Your skincare product has done its job of improving your skin, and consequently results are less noticeable over time. What is worth remembering is that it’s also maintaining your skin improvements. So, if you do decide to change your product, think about what additional benefits you are seeking and make one This will alsoo you to measure results and pin point the cause of any skin reactions accurately.

6. Lack of Consistency

Sometimes it is as simple as not being regular with your skincare routine, or missing out on steps, which means you are not getting the results that you want. For example, skipping moisturisation at night, or failing to exfoliate on a regular basis can also impact your experience of using a product.

7. Your skin has changed

Our skin changes as we age, and it may become sensitive to high active ingredients, or still feel dry after applying your go to moisturiser.

If this is the case, Nudge products are made for skin transitions and focus on putting gloss and nourishment back into your skin and hair.

You can also opt for fragrance free /allergen free products for times when your skin is particularly sensitive to hormonal and environmental changes.

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