If you are experiencing symptoms of the menopause, you may have already noticed changes to your hair. This is because we produce less of the hormone Oestrogen, which is responsible for helping our hair grow faster and stay on the head for longer periods.

As a result:

Pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die and this makes our hair turn grey, silver or white

Hair follicles begin to shrink, which makes the hair grow thin and lose volume

Oil glands become less active and cause the hair to become dull, dry and course

Hair strands become finer, so gravity has less effect on the hair staying straight and it develops kinks or curls

Treatment Options

If your hair has changed quickly, it is worth checking with your GP to ensure you are not suffering from any nutritional deficiencies, and also work out if stress, chronic illness and other life changes have contributed in any way.

If you know it is a midlife hormonal change you could consider a medical intervention, such as HRT and/or non-medical interventions such as lowering stress, increasing nutritional intake or using less irritating chemicals and aggressive heat and styling treatments.

The Nudge Solution

My hair has become curly and thin and I am losing my hair. It’s one reason why I developed a sulphate free shampoo. It is very mild and gentle and leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable. It won’t strip the hair of its natural oils and cause further hair damage.

If your hair is something like mine or you don’t need to wash your hair very often, a sulphate free shampoo will help retain its moisture and reduce hair breakage.


What if You Are Not Going Through Midlife Changes? Can Sulphate Free Shampoo Help My Hair?


Yes! You don’t have to be going through the menopause to benefit from using sulphate-free shampoo. They are great for every day use, on every hair type and almost any age (Children over 3 years of age).


Also, here are three others reasons why you may want to add a sulphate-free shampoo to your regular routine:


  1. Product Build Up

Sulphate based shampoos are great for removing product build up. However, they can cause dry hair. Use our sulphate free shampoo tablets in between washes with your regular shampoo to help keep your hair soft, moisturised and shiny.


  1. Dyed Hair

After a hair colouring service, your hair may be drier than usual. Use our tablets for a few weeks afterwards to help your hair regain moisture and shine. Sulphate free shampoo will also help retain hair colour.


  1. Fragile & Damaged Hair

If you’re trying to rectify the damage caused from overuse of hair dryers and straighteners, switch to our sulphate free shampoo for a season to help assist in your hairs recovery.

Have you tried our shampoo tabs yet? Find out more here. Find out more here


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