Does the skin on your face look dull and tired? Have you noticed these changes coinciding with menopausal symptoms? Are you wondering why the change, and how to get your glow back?

In this month’s blog, I show you how to care for, and brighten, dull skin.

What is dull skin?

Dull skin is skin that looks flat or grey and can feel rough and uneven to the touch. 

What causes dull skin?

Dull skin can happen at any age and is the result of dead skin cell build-up on the surface of the skin.  

It can also be the result of:


Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and replacing it with younger cells, and this process slows down with age. 

As it takes longer for our bodies to replace existing skin cells with new ones, dead cells linger on the surface of the skin for longer. This build up prevents your skin from reflecting light, causing it to appear ashen and dull.  


As the menopause approaches, oestrogen levels decrease skin collagen content, natural oils and the skin's ability to retain water. This results in a dry, parched and a dull-looking complexion.

Other Causes of dull skin

Other causes of dull skin include a lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, leaving make up on overnight, smoking, a lack of exercise, a high processed diet and not exfoliating.

Why Exfoliation is Important 

If you are forgetting to exfoliate on a regular basis, it might be one of the reasons why your skin appears dull and tired.

Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells, old sebum and make-up from the surface of the skin. This allows new skin cells to emerge. It also leads to an instant, more youthful, glowing appearance!

Exfoliation can also assist in the reduction of brown spots over time.

4 Simple Steps to Glowing Skin


Always ensure you cleanse the skin to get rid of dirt, oil and makeup clogging the skin. Even if you wear little to no make-up, do not miss this step. 

If you have very dry or sensitive skin, you may want to skip on using soap and foam based cleansers and opt for clay or oil based ones.

2 Exfoliate

Exfoliating sloughs dead skin cells, allowing new skin cells and an instant glow to emerge.  

 2-3 times per week is sufficient for most people. Gentle exfoliators allow for daily use, but if you have very dry, sensitive skin you may want to exfoliate once per week.

3. Mask

Masking can improve your glow and help remove more stubborn dirt, oil and debris from the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, try using gentle clays like British Kaolin Clay found in our Saffron Petal Glow.

4. Moisturise

Help skin from becoming dry with regular moisturisation. Consider using an oil based facial product to help seal moisture in the skin. 

Choose a skin brighten product like our Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum, which is extremely high in natural beta carotene that helps brighten the skin.

Skin results do take time, but they do not have to take forever.  Take a look at my skin's transformation!

 If you have any questions about your skin and beauty routine, please get in touch!

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