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I was fortunate that my skin didn’t give me too much trouble until I entered my early forties.

It became a matter of concern when I developed inflammation and red pimples on my cheeks and forehead. I also developed a large sunspot on my nose and sun damage across my forehead, with drier skin. When changes like this occur, it’s obvious we want to know how to respond to our changing skin's needs, but the beauty industry has not always been inclusive and kind to women entering midlife and beyond.

'Ageing isn't a skincare

We have been bombarded with messages that our age is a skin problem, and to have healthy glowing skin we need to maintain our sense of beauty and relevance in the world. We need to look young. I don't know about you, but it made me reluctant to ask for over the counter advice. However, I am pleased that our culture is changing and we are seeing more and more midlife women enter the beauty world celebrating beauty for all. 

I am one of those women. I make products that address your skincare concerns without making age your enemy.

Today I’m sharing my simple and effective routine which will help you achieve radiant, nourished, smoother and brighter skin, and without any false anti-ageing

Women are more likely to develop sensitive, dry eyes due to pregnancy, the menopause, and oral contraceptives. So it’s not uncommon that we face problems trying to cleanse our faces without irritating our eyes.

Water is the main ingredient in face washes and foamers, but as it does not dissolve natural oils in the skin, surfactants are added. Surfactants inject themselves between the oily deposit in the skin or hair surface, and lift the oil allowing it to be removed.

However, surfactants can dry out the skin, and cause the eyes to feel irritated and inflamed. Certain essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, lavender and lemon can irritate the eyes as well.

Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Cleanser

As fragrances, foaming cleansers and soap are not always great solutions for

people with dry skin and sensitive eyes, oil based cleansers offer us a better solution. Oil based cleansers are equally effective at removing oil, but are much gentler on skin.

I have very dry eyes and dry skin so I decided to formulated an allergen and fragrance free soap, and a surfactant free cleansing bar that would cleanse skin without causing the usual dryness and flare ups.

The results were so fantastic that I decided to make it available to my

I use my Cocoa & Avocado Oil to Milk Cleansing Bar morning and night. I gently, but confidently, massage the bar into my face to create an oily film. The massage effect has a very stimulating and rejuvenating effect on the skin! Once massaged into the skin, I rinse with warm water and a facial cloth. I repeat the process as necessary.  

I use warm water as it changes the structure of the skin, making it more pliable. It also loosens up the debris on the skin’s surface so that it can flush out properly. 

Removal with warm water will also emulsify the butter and oil blend, making it easier to remove.

"Skin is not a muscle and doesn’t have the ability to open and close pores"

There is no need to splash cold water to close the pores after cleansing, as skin is not a muscle and doesn’t have the ability to open and close pores.  All cold water will do is temporarily retract the muscles in the skin, creating the appearance of smaller pores.

Make-Up Remover

The bar also acts as a make-up remover. As it is fragrance free, you can literally rub the bar across you eye lids without worrying your eyes will sting! It is super gentle, and allergen free.

You can rub the bar on a clean cloth before adding a little water and applying to the face to remove make up. Repeat as necessary.

My skin always feels super hydrated and cleansed after use, ready to apply Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum.



"Skin cell turnover slows down as we get older, which clogs up the pores and makes our skin appear dull"

Skin cell turnover slows down as we get older, which clogs up the pores and makes our skin appear dull. It also feels uneven and prevents our moisturisers from working properly. Clogged pores will also cause make up and foundation to ‘sit’ and ‘cake’ on the skin too.

Regular exfoliation will make your skin look fresh and healthy. (My adult children will sometimes say to me that my skin is looking youthful, and I reply that’s because I just exfoliated!).

Any type of facial cloth will help provide some level of exfoliation, so you will already be benefiting from using one with my Cocoa & Avocado Cleansing bar.

For drier skin types, I have developed a 3-in-1 Clay Cleanser. Contrary to popular belief, dry skin can enjoy a clay mask, it just depends on the clay used and other active ingredients included in the formulation.

Saffron Petal Glow contains dried Saffron flowers, Jojoba Seeds and Bamboo Powder which gently polishes the surface of the skin. I’ve used British Kaolin Clay as the absorption rate is not as high as other clays, so it will not irritate dry skin. I’ve included Zinc Oxide and Organic Tapioca Starch to help calm and nourish it.

I always use it as a polish first before allowing the mask to dry. So, after mixing the clay with a little water I massage the paste into my skin, paying special attention to areas where my skin flakes more often. I use my mask 1 – 4 times per month depending on how clogged my skin becomes. (The menopause fluctuates how dry, flaky or oily it feels).


Should you use a moisturiser and a Facial Oil/Facial Oil Serum?

There have been literally hundreds of Polls conducted on Facebook groups with heated debates on the subject! Having spoken to hundreds of women about their beauty routines, I have concluded that one answer does not fit all.

I truly am an advocate of skin being unique, and you are the best judge as to whether you need both or one.

I personally do not use Moisturisers (creams and lotions). First, my Avocado cleanser offers a level of hydration and moisturisation, and once I have applied my Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum I don’t need anything else.

"If nothing else has worked for you, try my approach"

If nothing else has worked for you, try my approach. These two products will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, seal in moisture and protect the skins barrier! It’s simply awesome.

I have been using my Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum for around 6 years (it has been on the market for 4 years), and during that time I have seen a massive improvement to my skin. I have lost my large age spot, my skin is brighter, the rate of skin damage year on year has slowed down and I enjoy a nourished, healthy glow every time I apply it.

Saffron Glow has a very rich carotenoid content, which is responsible for brightening skin. Its full of fat soluble vitamins and fatty acids that feed the skin with nutrients to keep the skin’s barrier protected and lock in moisture.

It’s light and absorbent, but strong enough to keep your skin nourished all day. I use it twice a day, but if you only use it once I recommend using it as part of your morning routine to help the skin repair from sun exposure.

One more thing, it will not interfere with your make-up!



My skincare routine is very simple, as I have sensitive and dry skin. So far it has been the best routine for the ups and downs of the menopause and impact of ageing that I am going through. Why not give my routine a try?

To get you started, I have a new ‘Nourished & Glowing Skin Bundle’, so you can try all 3 products for £26 with a handy burlap storage bag! (Free shipping too).

Look out for my next blogs regarding: Body Care, Inside Out Healthy Skin and Lifestyle Interventions for healthy radiant skin during midlife and beyond!


 Jo is in her mid-fifties and is a Qualified Organic Skincare Formulator. Learn more Jo here

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