As a makeup artist, especially at weddings, I cover such a broad age range of clients from little flower girls to mothers of the bride and grandparents. Time and time again I see more mature women who are still wearing the same makeup they've worn since their twenties and they frequently make comments along the lines of “oh you have your work cut out with me” or “there's not much you can do here.”

It's simply not true and it makes me sad some women view themselves that way. It's just about switching things up, finding what suits you now and making your products work for you to enhance your features. Here are my top ten pro tips...

1) Makeup is only as good as the base it's on. Therefore a good skincare routine is crucial to ensure any products you apply afterwards glide onto and sit nicely on the skin. If there's not enough hydration your skin will take what it needs from the foundation making it disappear and look patchy as the day goes on.

2) Use an eye primer, or a long wear cream eye shadow that sets, as a first layer beneath your eye makeup to ensure longevity and prevent creasing. Eyeshadow can transfer and move around with looser skin on the lids so this will mean it stays in place.

3) Swap heavier coverage foundation for a lighter tinted moisturiser or BB cream to prevent the product from 'falling' into lines and wrinkles. A thinner texture will also look fresher and more natural.

4) If certain areas of the face do need a bit more coverage then a pigmented concealer can be used to pinpoint those spots without the whole complexion looking too made up.

5) Be mindful of product placement for blusher/eyeshadow/liner to avoid dragging the face down, keep everything lifted and angled up.

6) Cream products are more flattering as skin has a tendency to be drier, they blend beautifully and add a lovely glow.

7) Filling in brows softly with a pencil or shadow can boost the appearance of thinning ones and make them look fuller. Keeping them tidy and well shaped also gives more space underneath for eye makeup. A brow gel is helpful for taming any wild, wayward hairs.

8) Lip liner is a brilliant tool for adding definition and shape to lips which lose volume as we age and if done subtly with a nude pencil can cheat the natural lip line. A touch of gloss in the centre of the bottom lip adds fullness.

9) Be aware that a dark lip colour shrinks the lips further so stick to lighter shades for a more generous pout.

10) Curling lashes really makes a big difference to how open eyes look and a waterproof mascara helps to lock that curl in place and resists smudging or smearing.

These are by no means hard and fast rules, everyone is different so all of these may not apply to you. I don't really believe in rules anyway when it comes to makeup. Most of all do what makes you feel good and have fun, it should be a form of creative expression. Go play! 

About the author: Hannah Rose is a makeup artist specialising in bridal and a green beauty blogger. You can discover more of her work on her website and Instagram @hvrbeauty.


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