UPDATED: 7 May 2020

I am grateful that Nudge is still in operation and fulfilling online orders. Our postal days are Tuesday and Friday.

Craft events for September onwards remain on my calender, but I will update you if lockdown measures prevent these events from going ahead.

I am pleased to say that our soap is now in production and available for purchase.

16 March 2020

I’m taking this opportunity to let you know where Nudge Boutique stands amid current concerns around coronavirus.

I know how difficult and scary this time is. Last week I was completely stunned and distracted with the news and seeing people strip supermarkets clean. It feels as if we are living through the opening scenes of an apocalyptic movie, where stores are looted, and everyone is running for higher ground.

However, panic and fear will not solve anything, so we must all do our bit to band together, stay calm and generous, and help each other through.

A time like this makes you question your values and puts so many things into perspective. To be honest, I haven’t felt like discussing skin topics and writing about them on social media. We are all pre-occupied with what is happening right now, but we can’t let it consume us!

So today, I am going to talk about what I am doing and what I want to do, to support you.

As of today, I am grateful to report that my family and I are in good health and no infections thus far have been reported amongst my friends. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected.

The rest of the March Craft & Gift fair events that I was due to attend have all been cancelled either by myself or the event organiser. I am sure that April and May events will follow suite, but I will keep you informed on their status.

My manufacturing lab is always kept to the highest standards of cleanliness, and I am following the NHS guidelines when in public places such as regular handwashing etc.

I know that money fears are real, and things are going to get tough. Nudge has already been greatly impacted, however, we are all in this together and that is not going to stop me from helping in any way I can.

I am looking at ways I can help in my local community without being a danger to myself and others. I am prepared to take care of my grandchildren if schools shut, so my daughter can get to work. I have already worked out a care plan for my elderly parents, so that they don’t have to leave the house as often.

As for Nudge, it has been impacted like any other business has, but I will keep things going. I don’t currently draw a wage from Nudge as I pour all my profits back into building the business. Right now, I am working on building my new website, preparing new products for Cosmetic Safety assessment, catching up with business paperwork and of course, chatting to you over social media.

I have been making cold process soap for over 5 years now and I have a formulation that has been ready for assessment for some time. It would have been the first product brought to market, but due to a back injury I had to put it on hold and I launched my skincare range first.

Now that I am well enough, I had planned to bring it to market after the conditioner bar. However, I am not sure what the Pandemic is going to do to the demand for soap and it might just be that soap makers get called upon to meet public demand, and I want to be ready in case that proves to be the case. The conditioner bar will come to launch after the soap.

I have plenty of fresh products in stock and to help ease some of the money pressures, I have *reduced my free shipping to purchases of £15 and over instead of the normal £30 and over.

If you live in a 5-mile radius of Shipdham, Norfolk I can arrange free home delivery. Just drop me a line.

I will keep you posted on any new developments.

I would love to hear from you and hear how you are all doing.

Stay safe, responsible and well my friends!

Love Jo x

*Will be reviewed 1 June 2020


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