You don’t realise how small the world is, and how entangled and embedded we are into each other’s lives, until a crisis hits. Unfortunately, we have had plenty of crisis to deal with in the last few years haven’t we?

Like you, I was feeling hopeful that we were slowly starting to get to grips with life after Brexit, adjusting to life living with Covid, and finding ways past overseas products stuck at shipping ports. 

I hear so many of us are still dealing with the emotional and physical fall out of life after lockdown, and the overwhelming pressure it has put on jobs, families and daily living. As if the whole world wasn’t hurting enough, Russia decides to start a war with Ukraine.

For sure, we are all in this together and my thoughts and prayers/good wishes are with everyone.

How is the War Impacting Cosmetic Supplies?

About 80 per cent of sunflower oil exports come from Ukraine and Russia.Exports from Ukraine have fallen 95 per cent due to Russia's attack.This is having a monopoly effect on other vegetable oils such as Rapeseed Oil & Olive Oil.

I have been keeping a close eye on the shortages, as I use Sunflower Oil in my body butters and dry body oil, Rapeseed Oil in my soap and body butters, and Olive Oil in my soap.

Sunflower Oil - Nudge Stands with Ukraine

I am proud to say that I, and my brand, stand with Ukraine.

Some of my suppliers have already pulled ingredients from their stocks that come from Russia, which has made my job easy. For all my other suppliers, I have been rechecking where they source their Sunflower oil from, and I can confirm it comes from Ukraine and France.  

Rapeseed Oil

Crisp and other food manufacturers tend to rely on refined Rapeseed Oil as it is cheaper to use than the one I use, which is locally sourced and unrefined. I have been warned that as refined Rapeseed supplies run out, manufacturers will start buying up the unrefined kind and pushing up prices.

Olive Oil

Again, as Sunflower Oil and Rapeseed Oil shortages take hold, there is a strong chance it will impact Olive Oil supplies.

Why I Trained To Be An Organic Skincare Formulator

As you know, I make all my formulations from scratch, so I am not at the mercy of bringing in wholesale items to sell to you, or mass-produced bases shared by hundreds of other brands. If an oil becomes unavailable, I will be able to rely on my formulation skills to adapt.

All my formulations are waterless, so they are rich in botanicals, oils and butters to protect, nourish and soften skin, a very important  need for midlife skin and beyond.

Why not start your Nudge skincare journey today?

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