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"Are you fed up of waxy residue, transition periods and think shampoo bars are just not for you?
That’s what I thought until I tried these shampoo tablets from British brand @nudge_boutique. I was very sceptical that they were going to work but after seeing reviews from other instagrammers I thought I’d give them a try.
These are the Rosemary & Peppermint tablets for oily/combination hair, I would say they have a herbal rather than a minty scent with a definite apple cider vinegar tang. You receive two little tabs instead of one bar to make sure they dry out properly and therefore last longer.
I prefer to lather one up in my hands and apply the foam to my hair rather than using it directly on my head as they’re very concentrated and you don’t need a lot. I do shampoo twice to make sure it’s really clean as with all natural shampoos I’ve used.
My fine hair feels soft, shiny and refreshed after using these with absolutely no residue.
I do find I need conditioner as my ends can feel a bit dry but then I do have long hair. I’d like to test out the formula for normal/dry hair next just to compare.
These are a revelation! How fantastic that you can take these travelling with no risk of leakage and taking up barely any space.
They are entirely plastic free, they come wrapped in paper, and contain no harsh ingredients like SLS which can be drying and irritating, the foam is from a coconut derivative.
I bought these myself with a discount code that I received from signing up to their newsletter".

Interested to test out more from the brand now. Well done Jo! 🌿 😉

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