As you may be aware, Palm Oil growers recently came under scathing rebuke for intentionally setting forests on fire. Sadly, RSPO members were at the forefront of the crisis. Apparently, what we don’t know is how much RSPO Indonesian Palm Oil is used in cosmetics.

Palm oil is in so many food ingredients, and I haven’t always been on top of checking my food labels. However, when it comes to manufacturing cosmetics, I control what goes on the label and that feels quite a weighty responsibility. 

Before I formulated one single product, I made the decision that I would be Palm Oil free. This has put a limit on my choice of ingredients, but it doesn’t limit quality, or a good sleep at night.

While it is against cosmetic regulations to state Palm Oil free in our marketing campaigns, I draw the line when it comes to discussing moral issues like this. After all, the Palm Oil crises may bother you as much as it does me.  

Palm Oil is a beautiful ingredient to work with and I would gladly use it, but the criminal actions happening across the globe impact me and my little brand. It just goes to show that we should never assume our actions don't count. Everything we do matters.

So, this brings me to some product updates.

Conditioner Bars

I could have launched a conditioner bar ages ago, but the conditioner ingredient readily available on the market states that it contains RSPO. 

I have tried a few Palm Oil free alternatives, but I have not been happy with the results. I have recently sourced another one, but with only one supplier in the whole of EU stocking it, I need to know I can access it when I need to. The pandemic and Brexit have the potential to delay this, as well as shipments, so I am taking my time with this one.

Shampoo Bars

Another supplier has removed ‘derived from sunflower oil and coconut oil’ from a surfactant that I use in one of my shampoo bars. When I questioned them about it, they confirmed they could no longer guarantee future batches would not contain derivatives of Palm Oil.

Once my current batch (Palm Oil free) is finished, I will be updating my assessment to ensure my shampoo remains Palm Oil free.

As you can see, the challenges are very real. Despite the delay in bringing a conditioner bar to market, I hope my efforts to offer you a clean and transparent brand meets with your approval!

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