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Saffron Glow - nudging mature women into unique skincare

One woman’s passion for celebrating beauty that’s beyond just skin deep has led her to creating a unique product that can only be found in Norfolk. Known for their anti-oxidant qualities, saffron threads or stigmas have been used for centuries across the world for medicinal purposes, beauty products and to flavour many exotic dishes.

A recent breakthrough in formulation processes, however, has seen Jo Klassen, a local Natural and Organic skincare formulator become the first to develop a facial mask using just the petals from Norfolk Saffron. After a varied career that ranged from fitness instructor to life coach; Jo’s hobby of creating handmade, vegan skincare developed into a full blown passion when she realised she could use locally grown, Norfolk Saffron in such a way that it would bring a healthy glow back to mature skin.  

Jo, who now runs Nudge Boutique to promote and sell her products, praised her hero ingredients saying: “The ethos behind my Saffron Glow skincare range was to celebrate beauty as we age. I am passionate about nourishing mature skin while at the same time celebrating all that Norfolk’s rural countryside has to offer us.”

Based on pesticide- and herbicide-free Norfolk Saffron plants grown by local environmentally-friendly farmer Dr Sally Francis*, the petals and threads used to make Saffron Glow can only be harvested during October and November meaning the products will only be available for a limited period each year.

Jo added: “The products are so unique because we only use pure Norfolk Saffron threads and petals in our range.  Saffron petals are normally used as compost once the threads have been removed but Sally wondered if they could also be included in our skincare range.  I spent the next twelve months researching Saffron petal uses in skincare, and despite containing very similar compounds to Saffron spice, their full potential in cosmetics has yet to be realised.  We are left wondering if we are the first British skincare company to use saffron petals in a skincare product!

“Once Sally has removed the threads from the flowers, they are sent to us so that we can pick the fresh petals by hand and prepare them for use in our cleansing clay mask. With such a narrow window of opportunity to harvest the saffron, the small batches we produce will only add to the quality and freshness we can offer.

One of my firm beliefs is that beauty is not about being young or looking younger but about having nourished, glowing skin no matter how old you are. I would urge anyone interested in the skin benefits of plant based nutrients to give Saffron Glow a try.”

Saffron Glow products will include Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum £45.00 and Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask £39.00 For more information visit or email

Editor’s Note: Norfolk Saffron, based at Burnham Norton, Norfolk, grows and sells world-class saffron that conforms to ISO 3632 category I, the highest international grade for the spice. The business has been running for almost ten years, and has won multiple awards for its products, as well as being voted a Government “Food Star” (one of the UK’s 50 most innovative food & drink businesses) and one of East Anglia’s “Green100” (100 most environmentally-friendly firms in Norfolk & Suffolk). Please visit for more information.

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