A born and bred Londoner, Jo has made successful careers as a Fitness Instructor, Integrative Therapeutic Therapist, Life Coach and Relationship Trainer. 



Nowadays she lives in Norfolk, enjoying family life, playing with her grandchildren and going for long walks in the countryside and North Norfolk Coast with hubby and best friend, John.



My passion and excitement for making quality natural and organic skincare products started out as a hobby. The whole creative process from concept to formulating something delicious for skin was addictive and rewarding. Using nature's ingredients helped my skin appear hydrated and nourished. I lost a few age spots and my skin looked genuinely brighter. I also felt an increased sense of well being, something I never experienced from personal care products made with highly questionable synthetic ingredients. 

These positive changes inspired me to take care of my health in other ways, so I started exercising (again!) and making simple changes to my diet. During my mid-forties I experienced a surge in menopausal symptoms, which was extremely difficult to manage. This played a role in my decision to end a very long term and rewarding career as a Relationship Counsellor, Trainer and Coach. 

Despite experiencing many mid life transitions, what helped me stay grounded was a sense that I was meant to be doing something more with my passion for natural skincare. I decided to enroll on soap and skincare courses to develop my formulation skills and learn how to manufacture high quality products.


Over the years, I have trained with Plush Folly, Soap School, Formula Botanica and The School of Natural Skincare. I have also undertaking Beauty Nutrition training, which taught me about the skin benefits of plant based nutrients. My studies never stop and I am always enrolling on new courses to improve my formulation skills!

You can read more about my business mission and goals at

Love, Jo



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