Nudge Boutique is based in Norfolk, UK and offers you handcrafted, artisan hair and skin care products.

All our formulations are designed to gently nudge your skin to nourished and are particularly designed for the woman who wants to create a sense of wellbeing from using nature’s ingredients.  

All our products are vegan friendly and include locally sourced ingredients.


We all know that spending time out in nature has a restorative effect on our mind, body and soul. Sometimes, it is all the nudge we need to remember that our health and well being matter and deserve our time and attention.

​So, our mission at Nudge is simple:

​To help you capture and experience a sense of well being when using nature's beauty ingredients to nourish your hair and skin

​We do this by:

  1. ​Formulating with plant based and plant derived ingredients
  2. Advocating an age positive approach to beauty
  3. That contribute to your eco-friendly values


During the design process, every ingredient is explored from a woman's desire to reconnect with nature's remedies to nourish her skin and create a sense of well being.

​Every product is handmade - from weighing ingredients to blending the product, to filling jars and labelling. By keeping production in-house, products can be made on demand and therefore kept as fresh as possible.



Every product is formulated  from a deep personal desire to create beautiful products using nature's ingredients


We are not against aging, so we don't formulate anti-aging products.

Plant Based

Every product is made with the finest plant based ingredients

​Humans Only

Every product is  tested on our family, our friends, and ourselves - never on animals

​Eco Concious

We use glass, paper and aluminium instead of plastic bottles and jars. We offer a refill service to help reduce the number of plastic pumps and pipettes in our skincare products We also use recycled and plastic free packaging materials.

We source as many of our ingredients from local farmers and support other local businesses for many of our materials such as shred and boxes.

We do not use Palm Oil and Mica at the moment because of child labour and the abuse and poor working conditions of employees. (We are open to working with any small holding that provides fair wages, and avoids the exploitation of people and Mother Earth).


We give back to help others changing perceptions of beauty and self worth.  Our chosen charity is 'Love Me Love My Face' Foundation, read more here


We value health and well being and see it as a key factor to how ageing skin looks and behaves, and whatever impacts our skin can impact our health and well being in other ways too.

Nudge - to prompt, influence, urge, persuade