Formulate Botanica Diploma Badge
Jo Klassen, Nudge Boutique  
Formula Botanica Anti-Ageing Cert


Hello, my name is Jo and I am the Founder of Nudge Boutique.

I am based in Norfolk, and absolutely love formulating soap, skin and haircare products! 

My journey to launching Nudge is an unusual one.

In 2014, while working as an Integrative Therapeutic Therapist, Life Coach and Relationship Trainer, I decided to sell a pampering kit to help promote one of my courses.

After a bit of research, I contacted a few Indie brands and they sent some of their skincare samples to try out.

Having relied on mainstream cosmetics all my life, I was blown away by the quality of handcrafted products. I really didn't expect the natural skincare market to grab hold of me in the way that it did, but I was hooked!

It wasn't long before I started dabbling in a few DIY skincare projects and I absolutely loved it. So, I decided to go on a few courses and learn how to formulate properly.

The whole creative process from concept to creating something gorgeous was addictive and rewarding. My skin never looked so good!  I lost a few age spots and my skin looked genuinely brighter.

I also felt an increased sense of well being from using nature's ingredients, and at that time, I never knew how important a role this would play in my life..






As time passed, I realised that it was time to end my career as a Relationship Counsellor, Trainer and Coach. 

Shortly afterwards, I suffered a series of health issues, this included a T5 fracture and bulging disc in the same area.

​Unfortunately, the fracture led to other spinal deterioations, which left me with chronic pain.

However, my passion for natural skincare did not end there.  Formulating with natural ingredients helped increase my sense of well being. (Anyone managing chronic pain understands the importance of reducing pain through self-care interventions).

Despite the health set backs, I continued  studying and as I did I felt an inner 'nudge' to take it further and start my own skincare brand. I wasn't sure it was possible, but each day I took a tiny step towards my recovery and birthing my dream.

It was a very long road, but the end result is Nudge Boutique, a company built on a passion for promoting women's skin health and well being, one simple nudge at a time.

Over the years, I have trained with, and received certificates in:

Making Perfume (Plush Folly)

How to Make Cold Process Soap, Liquid Soap and Whipped Soap  - Soap School

Solid Shampoo Course - Soap School

Solid Hair Conditioner Course - Soap School

Body Butter & Oils Course - Soap School

EU Cosmetic Regulations Course - Soap School

Anti-Ageing Course - Formula Botanica

Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation - Formula Botanica

Stability Testing Course- Formula Botanica

Preservative Free Masque Course - The School of Natural Skincare

Certificate in Beauty Nutrition  - Academy of Beauty Nutrition

I am committed to Life Long Learning, and regularly enrol on other shorter formulation courses, and business development classes.