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Hydrate With The Power of Blue!

Boost Your Skin's Regime With Nature's Beauty Pharmacy

Did you know that as we age the signals that our body sends out to tell us we are thirsty become weaker? This can put us at risk of dehydration, leaving us feeling exhausted and sleepy.Dehydration can also cause the skin to appear flushed, tight and dry and make eye bags appear more prominent.

Often times we don't detect a change in mood or tiredness as a sign that we are dehydrated, so it's worth getting into the habit of drinking more water even when we don't feel thirsty.

If you don't like drinking lots of water you could try naturally caffeine free teas or make your own fruit and herbal infused waters. Try to keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum as too much caffeine can cause further dehydration and also trigger menopausal symptoms.

Another option is to eat more hydrating fruit and vegetables as these have the added benefit of containing vitamins and minerals.

I never use to like Peppermint tea but as I was bored with another cup of my usual I decided to give it another try, but with a little Vanilla Soya milk added to it. Perhaps the idea of a milky peppermint tea is not for everyone’s taste but I thoroughly enjoyed it. To make it a little more beneficial to my skin I added Butterfly Blue Pea powder, which is made from Ternatea flowers and dried Lemongrass. Though not as common here in the West, Butterfly Blue Pea powder is very common in Southeast Asia, where it is used as a natural food coloring.

Butterfly Blue Pea Powder is also one of nature's beauty nutrients. It contains a compound called Taraxerol known to inhibit the enzyme that destroys elastin (what keeps our skin supple) and hyaluronic acid (main role to retain water and keep tissues well lubricated and moist).

Furthermore, it has been shown to enhance cognitive function and boost brain function, so perhaps good for those days when the brain is feeling a bit foggy and unfocused! If you are feeling tired and drained, why not experiment with the many different ways of increasing your water intake and see if that helps solve the problem?

As the saying goes, every little bit helps!


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