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Carrots: The Midlife Health + Skin Food

Updated: Jan 24

Improve Your Skin's Health With Carrots

I can’t say that I love the taste of carrots, but I do remember the day I discovered how tasty they could be in a smoothie. I was fifteen years old at the time, and a friend invited me to try his mum’s homemade Jamaican Carrot Juice, a classic Sunday drink in Jamaica. It’s a simple blend of the juice of freshly grated carrots, condensed milk, nutmeg, vanilla extract and evaporated milk. Let’s just say it’s remained one of my all-time favourite milk based drinks, even if the sugar content is high!

It’s funny how smells and sounds can unlock forgotten childhood memories and make us feel as if it only happened yesterday. Yet, time moves on and with it comes change. One such example is the menopause, which triggers accelerated changes to our bodies and skin's appearance.

1. Reduction in Bone Density

Hormonal changes during the menopause disrupt the body’s bone building process. The NHS report that women can lose up to 20% of their bone density in the five to seven years after the menopause.

2. Melanin Production Decreases

As we age melanin production decreases which makes the skin vulnerable to sun damage. This causes darkened skin patches to appear, often referred to as liver spots or age spots.

Unlock the Power of the Humble Carrot

Food and plant based skincare products have the potential to increase health and skin wellness; so let's discover the amazing benefits of the humble but powerful carrot!

Carrots For Midlife Skin Care

In the world of skincare formulation Carrot Oil is highly regarded for its nourishing protection and often used in sunscreen formulas to help protect skin from free radicals produced by UV radiation.

Carrot C02 extract is a concentrated version of Carrot Oil (with all the same skin benefits). It takes 6-9kg of carrot root to produce 1kg of the concentrated form and is extracted using C02 gas without the use of solvents or heat.

For my facial serum oil I use Carrot C02 extract to help nourish, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Carrot C02 extract also contains moisturising Vitamin E and protective Vitamin C, which work together to help rejuvenate the skin cells and bring new life to dull skin.

Using our facial oil with a reputable SPF facial cream will help keep your skin nourished, protected and glowing. You can also use our facial oil on its own as a nourishing night treatment.

Carrots for Midlife Health + Beauty

Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene, an antioxidant that is converted to Vitamin A inside the body and plays an important role in vision and bone health. Vitamin A also helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun’s harsh rays.

A simple way to increase Vitamin A intake is to include fresh carrots in your diet. If you don't like the taste of carrots they can be easily masked in smoothies.

Below I have included a super easy to make low calorie and vegan recipe version of the Jamaican Carrot Juice Smoothie :)

Feel free to adapt the amounts to suit your taste buds. Enjoy!

Low Calorie and Vegan Jamaican Carrot Juice Smoothie

  • 150g Vanilla Soya Milk (you can also gently infuse vanilla pods in warm soya milk)

  • 100-200g peel and chopped carrots

  • A few drops Vanilla essence

  • Nutmeg (to your taste)

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Alternatively: You can use a fruit extractor to extract the juice and discard the pulp/fibre before adding the rest of your ingredients.

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