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How to Prep Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask

Not Sure How To Use Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask?

Below you will find a simple and straight forward guide on how to prep your clay.

Do's and Don'ts

Before I get started there are just a few 'house keeping' rules that you will need to apply to keep your Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask fresh as the day it was purchased:

  1. Always store your jar of clay away from direct sunlight and do not leave it on warm/hot surfaces.

  2. Always tightly secure the lid after use. Do not leave the lid half on or off, your flowers are delicate and like to be stored in the dark and not have to much exposure to air!

  3. Never dip wet hands or a wet mixing spoon directly into the jar

  4. Use facial clay immediately after mixing and discard any unused prepared mix (A product containing water and left to store without preserving is a health risk).

  5. Your product is freshly made, and due to the delicate and precious nature of the flowers has a BBE of 6 months. Please use your product within that time

Okay, now we have the 'house keeping' rules out the way let's prep your clay!

Scoop about 5grams of clay into a clean bowl or dish and add 2-3 drops of water at a time. Start mixing. You will notice that the appearance of the white clay mixture turns a bluish green, that's the petals releasing their anitoxidant compounds into the clay.

Allow time for the water to absorb evenly into the clay before adding any more water to achieve a thick and creamy consistancy.

Avoid the urge to add more than 1-2 addtional drops of water at a time, otherwise you may end up with a runny mask. While this is not a problem a thinner consistency will dry quickly, allowing less time for the clay to cleanse and remove oil, dirt and old make-up from the skin. However, this might be an option if you are in a hurry. But why hurry such a pampering treat? ;)

Once you have a creamy consistency apply the clay to your face immediately (I stress again: please do not store or save for later use. Please discard any unused activated clay immediately).

You can apply the mask with your fingers or a cosmetic mixing brush to obtain an even coat of clay over the skin. Be careful to avoid the delicate eye area. You can apply the clay to your neck area if you wish.

Okay, now sit back, close your eyes and allow the mask to dry for 5-10 minutes. It does not have to be completely dry before removing.

Gently remove the clay mask with warm, clean water and a clean facial cloth. Rinse your face and pat dry with a clean towel.

Your skin is now cleansed and refreshed, ready to apply Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum or your next beauty treatment!

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