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5 Creative Ways To Upcycle Miron Jars

Our current range of products are packaged in Miron glass, which is superior to any other material for housing skincare products.

Miron glass blocks out the rays of the sun responsible for the ageing process and decay of plants and only allows beneficial Violet light to penetrate. (If you are interested in reading how Miron glass preserved a fresh cherry tomato for 7 months, follow this link here).

These beautiful jars are strong and sturdy and in my opinion, too nice to end their life in the recycle bin. So, in this article, I share some ideas on how you can upcycle your jars and give them a new lease of life. (Unfortunately, we are unable to offer re-fills).

1. Supplements

Natural supplements and dried super foods will lose their freshness over time, but you can preserve their freshness and quality by storing them in Miron glass jars. If you need to take your supplements with you, the smaller jar that houses our 20g Kokum Body Boost Butter makes a great travel size companion.

2. DIY Hair & Skincare Products

If you enjoy making your own skin or hair care products, why not upcycle your jar to store a DIY project?

The larger jar (shown here on the left) is great for housing sugar scrubs and body butters, while the smaller version is great for hand and lip balms.

3. Storage Vessel for Dried Herbs & Spices

Miron glass preserves tea, coffee, herbs and spices for much longer than if stored in foil or plastic packaging.

These jars also add a classy look to your kitchen storage system and you can even add a bespoke look by designig labels to match your kitchen decor!

4. DIY GIfts & Home Projects

As Miron glass looks and feels so classy, why not use them as gift jars? Again, you can design your own labels and finish off your creations with a pretty ribbon.

Our small jars are great for storing tealights too!

5. Snacks for Work

Our Miron jars are great for taking snacks to work such as cherry tomatoes, grapes, crackers, nuts and dried fruit. Miron glass will help keep your snacks fresh all day, so no more worries about them spoiling during transit.

How will you upcycle your Miron jars?

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