• Jo Klassen

Life After Anti-Ageing Looks Like This

I posted this today on Social Media but felt it worthy to be posted on the Nudge Boutique Blog as well.

Google search results for ‘anti ageing’ will show that the cosmetic industry has either started to ditch the term anti-ageing from it’s vocabulary or quote that their sales from it are up and booming!

Somewhere in the middle there is a growing tribe of women who are standing up to anti ageing campaigns that link youth and beauty to great looking skin. It has caused many to develop an unhealthy fear of ageing and question there beauty and acceptance out of fear of not measuring up to the images they see.

I spent almost two decades dealing with my body image insecurities and counselling and coaching women with low self esteem. I was fortunate to watch a woman’s life blossom when she discovered her worth and significance outside of other people’s expectations and opinions. Even though I am no longer a Counselling Therapist, I am committed to helping women via Nudge Boutique to be positive about their appearance and ageing.

Also, I would not have launched my skin care brand if I esteemed being the ‘ripe old age of 50’ too old to enter into the industry. I am not too old and I am certainly not past wanting healthy and glowing looking skin.😍

So, what does life look like after anti-ageing? Well, you are an artisan, so you get to create the future you want for you and your skin. Your worth doesn't have to be defined by your age nor live up to a standard of beauty. What does life look like without anti-ageing to you? Share your vision! #redefinebeauty #selfcare #antiaging #ageism #ageisjustanumber #ageismisneverinstyle #midlifebeauty #organicbeauty #womenshealth #Skincareover40

#antiageingageing #matureskin

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