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Skin Changes To Expect After 40

Updated: Jan 24

Doesn't it feel a little shocking that we are half way through January? Time seems to pass by a little faster each year.

The little girl in the photo is my granddaughter. She has a brilliant sense of humour and loves being in nature! I can't wait to introduce her to the world of natural skin care :)

Of course, she won’t stay a toddler forever (cry). There will come a time when at the onset of puberty, oestrogen will play a key role in transforming her into an adult (and be partly responsible for her teenage mood swings, bless).

Another dramatic time when hormones will have a physical and psychological impact is during the years leading up to the menopause (peri-menopause). During the peri-menopause, oestrogen levels start to reduce and this can cause symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats and yes, mood swings. Some of us will not have seen our hormones fluctuate this much since puberty.

Oestrogen also plays a key role in the development of collagen, which provides strength and structure to the skin. As it decreases the following changes develop:

  • Loss of elasticity

  • Thinning skin

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Drier skin

  • Flaky patches

  • Itchiness

  • Scaly rough patches of skin

  • Sensitive and irritated skin

Oestrogen levels also temper melanin production, which is responsible for protecting the skin against harmful UV rays, so we are more susceptible to

  • Sun damage

  • Freckles caused by sun damage

  • New moles (keep a close eye on any new moles and always have them checked out with your GP, if you have any concerns)

  • Hyperpigmentation (age spots/sun spots)

Other skin changes include:

  • Rosacea

  • Dull skin

  • A yellow undertone

  • Skin tags

  • Easy bruising

  • Adult Acne

  • Crepe Skin

  • Dark skin patches

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Hair growth in places you don’t want them to such as chin, cheeks, nose and upper lip

  • Oily skin

  • Clogged skin

  • Adult acne

  • Broken capilliaries

  • Larger pores

What To Do

Hormonal changes that occur during and after menopause tend to change the skin’s physiology in new and different ways. Make sure you are using the right type of product for your skin. (For example, drier skin may benefit a move towards oil based moisturisers and a move away from harsh, cleansing facial washes).

Certain lifestyle habits can speed up the ageing process and trigger menopausal symptoms. By developing healthier lifestyle habits, we can slow down the ageing process and even lower menopausal symptoms.

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*In case you were wondering :) men don't escape the ravages of time either. As men age, testerone levels drop causing their skin to become drier, thinner and more sensitive.

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