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Want To Age Well? Change Your Outlook And It Will Follow

I hope you have had a wonderful start to the New Year!

I want to begin the New Year by revealing the heart of Nudge Boutique’s focus and attitude towards midlife beauty and skincare.

Since the 1980’s we have been inundated with the message that ageing needs ‘curing’ and that we must fight against and work on hiding every symptom of ageing.

The anti-aging market is interested in helping us achieve our skin and health and wellness goals but uses a woman's fear of ageing to sell products. Youth is also the overwhelming image of beauty, and that is why we see young models selling mature skincare products.

In more recent years there have been an age positive movement emerging called ‘pro-ageing’. Pro-aging rejects negative stereotypes about aging and, instead, celebrates beauty not limited by age. It doesn’t think that any age is necessarily better than any other age.

Pro-aging products are designed to enhance the skin’s appearance and uses terms like glowing, nourishing and moisturising rather than defying, fighting and masking. Also, the pro-age health and wellness market is motivated from a desire to age well rather than defy ageing.

Think Well To Age Well

Scientists have discovered that how we feel about ageing matters very much indeed. They found that anti-ageing and pro-ageing beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies, but with different results.

So, if we think of ageing as decline or disability our health is likely to suffer. This is because we will adapt our behaviours to support our beliefs.

For example, move slower, do less activity, stop making new goals.

If we see ageing as opportunity and growth our bodies will respond in kind.

For example, one study 1 showed that people who develop age positive beliefs develop healthier behaviours, feel in control of how they age and even experience a heightened immune system.

Pro-Aging Is A Journey

It’s important to mention that having a pro-age mindset doesn’t mean we never buy an anti-ageing cream, it means our expectations and outcomes of the product are different. Neither does it mean we never experience a negative feeling about ageing, in fact for many women coming to terms with ageing is a process and a journey:

  • We can be torn between feeling nervous about ageing and then feeling ready to embrace it

  • Sometimes we feel bothered about how our skin is appearing and then feel moments of complete acceptance

  • We can fear ageing with poor health and then feel empowered to start a healthier living plan

  • We can feel unprepared and afraid of the changes and then feel excitement about fulfilling dreams or starting over

  • We may fear looking old and yet feel more confident and sexier than at any other time in our lives.

A pro-age mindset (and all its middle ground emotional complexities!) is at the heart of Nudge Boutique and I hope our heart speaks to you!


How do you picture aging? Energetic or slow? Passed it or chasing new dreams?

You can change your self-prophecy of how you will age by becoming aware of your internalised expectations about aging.

Skin Health

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1 https://edition.cnn.com/2015/01/02/health/age-self-fulfilling-prophecy/index.html


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