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Why Lychees Are A Midlife Beauty Food

There are good reasons why I think Lychees make a great midlife beauty food, but in case you don't know, let's take a look at what I mean by 'midlife beauty food'.

In recent years the beauty industry has been moving towards a holistic approach to healthy looking skin. This is a positive move because it puts us in touch with all the other factors that help or hinder skin health, such as lifestyle habits, general health, activity levels, nutrition and mindset.

A holistic approach was always my business model for Nudge Boutique, so I was truly excited when the Certificate in Beauty Nutrition, run by the Academy of Beauty Nutrition, launched during my skincare formulation studies with Formula Botanica.

(The beauty nutrition course was set up by Star Khechara, who was also the successful founder of Formula Botanica. Lorraine Dallmeier became the new Managing Director of Formula Botanica in 2014 and has since that time grown the school into a very well respected, international success).

What Is a Beauty Food?

Every food we eat is either building healthy skin or destroying it. Beauty foods contain all the vital anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients (nutricosmetics) that are essential for building healthy skin cells.

A non beauty food works against the skin and causes it to age prematurely because 1. it is dehydrating and 2. it doesn't contain all the necessary nutrients required to build healthy skin cells because it is highly processed, over cooked or burnt.

The ingredients that meet all the requirements of a Beauty Food do not contain any dairy, fish or meat (however, I just need to point out here that as a Natural Skincare Formulator my passion is making nourishing skin care products and showing you which ingredients are good for skin health. I do not advocate one diet over another).

What's The Midlife Bit?

When my peri-menopausal symptoms started I searched for ingredients and supplements to see if they could ease and support me through the hormonal fluctuations. I found a host of ingredients that helped, and learned which ones were not helping at all, like too much wine :) During the Beauty Nutrition course I noticed that many of the Beauty foods listed were the same ones suggested we eat for the menopause.

As a result I decided that whenever I shared a beauty food ingredient I would include how it helped with menopausal symptoms. This is why I call them 'Midlife Beauty Foods'.

Why Are Lychees A Midlife Beauty Food?

Lychee is native to Southeast Asia and grows on the evergreen tree of the soapberry family (Sapindaceae).

Lychees are rich in Vitamin C, and as we don’t synthesise our own Vitamin C it’s important we eat it from our daily diet. Vitamin C is also a very important skin-nutrient as it boosts our skin’s collagen production and helps fight free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation.

Collagen is also important for skin elasticity. It plays a role in retaining the elasticity in the urinary tract and preventing leakage or stress incontinence, which is common during menopause.

Vitamin C also stimulates the activity of white blood cells, the main defensive line of our body’s immune system. At this time of year, when it’s easy to keep picking up colds and flus, it’s important to give the body the right fuel to keep us strong and healthy.

The other interesting thing about Lychees is that they also contain an anti-oxidant called ‘Oligonol’. Studies suggest it is very good for memory loss; and as my memory is suffering during the peri-menopause, I think I am going to be eating more, a lot more!

Lychee Fruit Salad

It's winter and all I want is hot sticky pudding with custard, but I have decided to stay focused on eating lots of anti-oxidant rich fruits.

So, I grabbed what I had available in my fridge to show you a simple way to use Lychees.

There is no hard rules here, just have fun and create something YOU find delicious and willing eat!

  • Raspberries

  • Lychees

  • Red Grapes

  • Plant based yoghurt or full fat Organic Yoghurt

(Low fat yoghurts are loaded with processed sugar and bad for skin health. Also, excess sugar will be stored by the body as fat).

For extra protein you could add some of your favourite nuts

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