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What Causes Glowing Skin?

If you have been keeping up to date with my latest blogs you know that at Nudge Boutique I am building a pro-aging brand. Basically this means I don’t make products to prevent, defend against or stop aging but focus on formulations that enhance and nourish your skin’s appearance at any age.

This all sounds lovely, but I wonder if you’ve ever wondered if pro-aging claims are any better than anti-aging ones?

For example, most of us would say we would love to have glowing skin, but is claiming you can have ‘glowing skin’ any better than stating that you can prevent the signs of ageing? Besides, have you ever wondered what ‘glowing skin’ looks like and if it is achievable?

This month I thought I would break down what the cosmetic industry means by glowing skin, what creates a skin glow and whether my claim that Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum can enhance a skin glow is a fair claim or not.

So, let’s get started.

What Is Glowing Skin?

The dictionary defines glowing as ‘rich and warm and showing radiance of health/glowing cheeks’, and the thesaurus lists the words ‘bloom, blush, colour, crimson, flush and redden’. I personally can achieve flushed, glowing cheeks during a hot flush but that is not quite what I am talking about here. 😉

From a dermal point of view, glowing skin means ‘moist and soft, not dull, dry or flaky, and/or even complexion, clear skin without blemishes and small pores’.

Is My Claim Fair?

When I designed Saffron Glow Facial Serum, I was aiming for a product that created softer and nourished (moist) skin and helped reduce the appearance of dry and dull skin.

What I could not create was a miracle and make your skin look 20 again, or make a medical claim, like healing eczema or dermatitis. Some cosmetic brands make these types of medical ‘healing’ claims but they are breaking the law, even if the product does 'heal' these skin conditions.

So, my goal was reasonable and achievable because I was making a cosmetic claim, which focuses on enhancing the appearance of the top layers of the skin.

To ensure I chose the right ingredients for my goal, I researched cosmetic ingredients, studied research papers to find out how an ingredient performed on the skin and double checked that the cosmetic claims were fair and with proven results.

I also sent my products for safety assessment and sent them out to testers for their feedback.

I spent almost two years researching, studying, formulating and testing Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum. I don’t have the time to break down the benefit of every ingredient (previous and future blogs go into this in more detail) but the formulation blend does create an instant glow, as well as:

What Creates A Skin Glow?

For An Instant Glow

If you are looking for an instant glow and nourished appearance, try Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum. My statement is fair because more women than not are getting the 'glow' results they wanted from this amazing product.

Now it’s important for me to state that your outer glow needs to be supported from the inside too, which you can do by making small nudges toward the following habits.

*Get Rid of or Reduce The Four Habits That Destroy A Skin Glow

*I will be explaining why these habits destroy a skin glow above in future blogs. If not done so already do make sure you are signed up to my monthly newsletter to get the latest article

**Add 4 Lifestyle Glow Enhancers

**I have already started to add blogs about these and more will follow soon.


The desire to achieve healthier, glowing skin is a realistic goal women of all ages can pursue. It's motiviating and inclusive because the signs of aging are not being suggested as the barrier to appearing radiant or beautiful.

While we cannot stop aging, we can enhance a skin glow at anytime by using the correct products, and embracing lifestyle habits that contribute to its health from the inside out.

Ironically, these habits will also help slow down the aging process!

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