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How Nudge Is Reducing Plastic Pollution

Updated: Jan 24

This month I unveil our next product coming to market, which is (drum roll) Shampoo Conditioning bars! Yay! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be launching these bars as they are gentle on the hair and scalp and do not contribute to plastic pollution.

My conditioning bars have been formulated to nourish dry hair and I have a few variations to meet certain scalp and hair conditions. My goal is to have these launched by July, so in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about these bars.

Going back to the topic of pollution, I want you to know that Nudge Boutique is committed to doing its bit to help clean up our planet and reduce waste.

Making the Most of Natural Resources

My first effort to drive down waste pollution happened before I launched Nudge Boutique. I was asked by Sally of Norfolk Saffron if I could upcycle Norfolk Saffron flowers because after the spice has been removed from them they are used as compost.

When I took up the challenge and started my research, I learned that Saffron flowers (Crocus Sativus) contain many of the same beneficial skincare compounds as the spice. In a day and age when certain natural resources are being overharvested and facing near extinction, it made sense to get the full potential of this flower into production. After a year of R&D the result was Saffron Glow Cleansing Clay Mask.

Upcylcing And Reducing Waste With Miron Glass

Finding the right packaging solutions for skincare products is always a challenge, however the steps I have taken are the best ones available for small scale manufacturers. My shampoo bars will be packaged in recycled tissue paper with paper labels. And as for the rest of my existing products, they are housed in Miron glass. The glass bottles, jars and pipettes are recyclable, and the jars have plastic lids on them.

I chose Miron glass because compared with the amber, blue, green, and clear glass, it provides superior protection from light degradation, hence preserving the freshness of the delicate contents, which make up my existing range.

Miron glass is extremely luxurious and sturdy to handle and will last for many years, so I encourage you to upcycle and reduce the need for plastic storage. You can use them to store seeds, fruits, veggies and supplements. Find out more ideas here.

Using Paper, Biogradable Wrapping, Postage and Packaging

My efforts don’t stop there. Regarding posting and packaging I use biodegradable tape (manufactured here in the UK) and avoid the use of foam/ plastic peanuts, which means all of my packaging materials can be recycled!

Nudge Gives Back!

This month, I was so proud to share that Nudge Boutique is now giving a portion of it’s profits Love Me, Love My Face Foundation. This charity was co-founded by Jono Lancaster, a truly inspiring young man who was born with Treacher Collins, a syndrome that effects facial bone formation.

This charity is so close to my heart. 1. because my first-born grandson was born with TCS and 2. because Jono has an amazing passion for building up a person's worth and self-esteem. He sees a person based on who they are and not on what they look like, which sits very deeply with me, my values and the values behind Nudge Boutique. Find out more here.

Latest Review

I am delighted to share that Emma from Beauty Folio gave her verdict on our scrumptious Kokum Body Boost Butter.

Read the full review here

Can You Help Me?

If you have purchased one of my products I would simply LOVE to hear from you and receive your feedback.

ALL feedback is extremely important to me as I am here to serve you and ensure I am offering you high quality products and service. Plus, if you are loving our products, your feedback will help someone else who is curious about buying but wants to hear a review from a satisfied customer!

Simply drop me a line at hello@nudgeboutique.co.uk. You can also leave your feedback on Facebook, at our shop and Trustpilot.

Once I receive your feedback I will send you a FREE POSTAGE coupon that you can redeem on ALL our products (no minimum purchase) as a way of saying thank you!!!

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