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Why Is Nudge Called Nudge?

While setting up my stall at a recent Gift fair, a fellow stall holder thought my business sign said, ‘Nude Boutique’. Haha! At least it caught her attention and provided me with the opportunity to explain why I called my business Nudge. Have you ever wondered why?

Definition of Nudge - to prompt, influence, urge, persuade

My passion is to nudge your skin to nourished with high quality skincare products and skincare tips to improve your skin's health using beauty nutrients and healthier lifestyle interventions.

How does that sound to you? Does it sound a bit self-indulgent or limited to those with time and money to spare?

I understand those feelings, as I have struggled with them too. When you are the primary care giver for children, disabled and elderly family members, and perhaps working full or part time, you don’t have much time or energy for anything else. If stress doesn’t force us to make time for ourselves, then symptoms of the menopause and other age-related health issues may do it instead.

When hormonal changes started to impact me, it was hard to start exercising and getting adequate rest, but it was a necessity and one I found extremely beneficial. I also devoted time to my hobby, which was making natural skincare products. I was amazed at my skin’s improvement and heightened sense of wellbeing.

When I decided to turn my hobby into a business, I wanted to create a brand where nutritious skincare and wellbeing rituals went hand in hand.

Secondly, I wanted to make products for skin showing signs of aging, but I didn’t want to follow an anti-aging approach, which portrays the signs as something to fight against and therefore feel ashamed of.

At the end of the day we don't want to look younger, we want to be the best we can be. This is what the 'pro-aging' movement is all about. It's women like you and I feeling grateful for being alive, using experience to enhance it and taking care of our health as we go.

Thirdly, I know how it important it is that we create a legacy that speaks long after we have gone. We want to know we made a difference and that is why I am committed to growing a pro-aging and eco-concious skincare brand for you and with you!


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