• Jo Klassen

Wage War On Plastic With Reusable Cleansing Pads

Updated: Jan 24

A recent BBC programme called 'War on Plastic' reported what wet wipes are used for, and whether there's any general knowledge about the fact that they are made with plastic.

Wet wipes are the latest target in a string of new measures by the Government to crack down on the UK's use of one use plastic.1,2

Wet wipes are a huge concern because they are not completely biodegradable as they contain plastic resins, like polyester or polypropylene, that break down into smaller and smaller particles, releasing countless microscopic fibres into the environment.

We breath in these fibres and they have been found in our water, but we do not have enough information yet to know what kind of short and long term damage this could be having on our health.3

The other concern is that they make up 93% of matter causing UK sewer blockages.

One way we can reduce our dependency on non-biodegradable make-up wipes is to switch to re-usable cleansing pads.This year,I will be launching two types of pads both handmade for Nudge Boutique by local crafters.

The first is a 100% Cotton Cleansing Pad, which is fabulous at removing our mask. The texture of the pads creates a gentle exfoliation, which is great for those times when you feel your skin needs it.

The second is a Bamboo Cleansing pad, which feels incredibly soft on the skin and very effective at removing the mask and make-up too.

Both pads can be washed on a 30-degree cycle. As I write this, my Crafty friends are busy ordering in materials and making up pads, so more news about launch date coming soon.

I have more products coming to launch that will contribute to a healthier planet, so watch this space...




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