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Is Nudge A Cruelty Free Brand?

Updated: Jan 24

The short answer is yes, but please read on if you would like to know the long answer!

Since July 2013, it is absolutely illegal to sell products that have been tested on animals, within the European territory.

No. 1. My company abides by the law

No. 2. I am against animal testing. Even if after Brexit, our country decides to legalise animal testing, I would still be against it and I would continue to comply with EU cosmetic regulations

No. 3. I check that my suppliers support the cruelty free leaping bunny program and that they monitor all the raw materials and ingredients they sell for animal testing

No. 4. I will not sell my products to other countries that require animal testing before being sold to their customers

Why Do You Not market ‘cruelty free’ on your product labels?

In June 2019, the laws around cosmetic marketing were tightened up. Partly due to companies misleading customers with false claims about their ingredients and partly because ‘free from’ claims were denigrating their competitors who chose to use these ingredients (which are included in the EU list of safe to use ingredients in cosmetics).

In the same way, displaying a Cruelty-Free logo on a cosmetic product destined to be sold in Europe can imply that other products do not respect this criterion.

So, to answer the question is 1. I have not applied for and been awarded certification and 2. any designations appearing on my cosmetics’ packaging hinting to cruetly free (now or after certifcation) may be viewed as a 'false claim'.

Therefore, the best I can do for those who want to know is to explain my position here in my blog.

Will Nudge Be Seeking Cruelty Free Certification?

All my products are plant based or plant derived, and as stated, I purchase from companies that support the PETA program.

My priority at the moment is to reinvest all my profits into formulating and releasing products that are plastic free or use very little plastic.

Within my business plan, I have a goal to look at the most appropriate body to join, but I want to explore my options and final decision with my customers.

Why not share your views with me. How important is it for you that I gain PETA certification or is there another certification you feel is more important or appropriate? How important is it for you that a brand carries some sort of certification?

Leave you comments below or email hello@nudgeboutique.co.uk

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