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Best Seller of 2019!

Well, I have added up the numbers and the best selling skincare product of 2019 was .....roll drum.....Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum! Woohoo!

The numbers were very tight because sharp on it's heels was our Kokum Body Boost Butter, but for now let's give a round of applause to our Serum that has been keeping your skin glowing and nourished since our launch in October 2018!

The uplifting fragrance, silky skin feel, quick absorbancy and instant nourished look have all been the deciding factors for choosing our serum, so thank you!

Triple Carotenoid Infusion

Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum is special because we infuse it with locally source Norfolk Saffron, which is grown to organic standards. Saffron is used for it's skin conditioning and brigthening qualities in places like India and the Far East due to it's rich beta carotene content. When topically applied, it helps brigthen and repair sun damage and dull skin.

It is also infused with Organic CO2 Carrot extract and Organic Rosehip Oil, which are also rich in beta carotene giving you a rich, triple infused beta carotene serum!

Plastic Free for 2020

Not waiting for any New Year resolutions, I have made our travel size 5ml bottle a little more earth friendly by opting for Aluminium lids without a plastic dropper.

It is easy to apply and the size is super handy for travelling or trying out our serum before opting for our 10ml standard size serum.

The pillow boxes are now wrapped in a paper label rather than a vinyl label.

Thank you!

This has been my official first full year in business and what a journey it has been. I have met so many wonderful customers and people including Beauty Influencers, Craft & Gift Fair event holders. I have learned so much about my customer needs and what their skincare needs are.

I have grown as a person, skincare formulator and business owner. I have had amazing support from so many customers, beauty influencers, my family, friends and amazing, amazing husband!

I thank my higher power and I am looking forward to 2020 and growing Nudge into a quality and respected brand that not only continues to nudge your skin to nourished but takes care of our planet too!

I will be cointinuing to give a portion of my profits to Love Me Love My Face Foundation and over time raise awareness of this much needed charity. It's aim is to help children impacted by Treacher Collins Syndrome and change perceptions of beauty, which is close to my heart, as it's important that being in the beauty industry we stop limiting beauty to youth and the most attractive appearance.

Have a safe, healthy and wonderful Chistmas and New Year!

Love Jo

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