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Julie F. Wymondham, Norfolk

​I have used the facial oil serum for a short while now, but already feeling the benefits. My skin feels rejuvinated and hydrated given it far more elasticity. This is two-fold in that it encourages me to do what is best for my aging skin and helps me to feel better about myself too.


In the past, I have been sceptical about using new beauty products.This is very different in that it is nature's finest and has quickly modelled the benefits of not using nasty additives like many of the products on the market currently.

It's easy to apply, feels light on my skin and has the best smell, such a fresh smell without evoking an overpowering scent. I am really excited about this product being released on the market!

Nicola A.  London

I have kept using the Facial Oil because it is better on my skin than other things I have tried.It has stopped the dryness and definitely helped my skin.

Paula L, USA

Saffron Glow Facial Oil Serum feels beautiful. It glides on, gives a dew appearance and melts on my skin without an oly residue. I love, love, love the serum!!!

It's so perfect for my skin, everyone comments when they see seriously have made a difference in my life and you deserve the best!

This is the best beauty product I have ever put on my face. I've never had such lovely looking skin. Look at this glowing skin, I am even wearing less make-up

Christine S, Hertfordshire

The serum is loved! I like the fragrance and texture, it feels rich yet it sinks into my skin quickly. I love the fragrance. An amazing product!

Ariam T, Kilburn, London

All it takes is just a few small drops of the Facial Oil and my skin stays moisturised and hydrated all day long. My skin has looked noticeably clearer and brighter since using the Facial Oil, earning me lots of compliments on my skin!

Hermoine B, Hingam, Norfolk

Have loved using the oil.Lovely feel of the oil, skin felt silky

Beck A M, Sporle, Norfolk

Tried some serum on my face, knees and elbows as I suffer from dry, bumpy skin in these areas and after a few days my knees and elbows feel lovely and soft. My face feels pampered and smooth. Would def recommend!!

Sheila C, Dereham

I really like the Facial Oil Serum.  My skin has much improved in that it feels much softer, less dry and looks better. I like the smell too.


I have never really looked after my skin until now (I'm 75 years old) but when I was asked to be a tester I thought why not I can give it a try. I've been converted! I love it and so pleased with the outcome. I will be recommending it to my friends.



Lorna, Norwich

Sharon, Norwich

Chloe, Norwich

Alison M, Wroxham, Norfolk

The butter glides onto the skin beautifully and is absorbed immediately - no need to rub in.I’m just back from holiday so that may be why my skin is extra thirsty (oh and my age ). I tested it on one arm so I had a comparison. The skin on my ‘butter’ arm is so soft, much more so than the other arm.


The fragrance also lingers a good while after it has been applied. It is so light and fluffy to use and makes skin feel like velvet. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it

Christine S, Herts

Amazed at how good the mask was when mixed up. It made my skin feel revived and I definitey had a glow after using it.

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